Visit Carlinville (Illinois)

Explore the Authentic Beauty of Carlinville, Illinois

A city ideally lying in Macoupin County, Illinois, United States, Carlinville is one of the most visited places in Illinois by most tourists. This is basically because of the alluring and interesting sceneries found in the place. As of 2000, the population in the city reached around 5,685, which grow even higher with 5,912 in the estimate of 2009. Carlinville is Macoupin County’s county seat, so it is the outlying portion of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area’s Metro-East region.

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In Depth Understanding of Carlinville’s History

The name Carlinville is primarily made after the name of past Illinois Governor, Thomas Carlin, who was active in forming Macoupin County, as the member of the state legislature. The city has long become a site for the history of Illinois. In addition, it has also played host to a number of presidential hopefuls through campaign stops at the time within the American history when the railway routes created a lot of politician visits. Perhaps, the most important and largest trademark of the city’s history is its popular Courthouse.

The Courthouse was built in year 1870 that has been designed by well known Elijah E. Myers, a state capitol building architect. The edifice of Carlinville’s Courthouse created its candidacy for the State Capitol’s location. Because of its cost overruns during the time of its construction, it is locally named as “The Million Dollar Courthouse”.

Carlinville became the location for the many great Sears Catalog Homes during the early 1900s. The whole neighborhood was built of the homes, as in 1918, it was funded by the Standard Oil of Indiana because of its Carlinville’s mineworkers, at the estimated cost of $1M. To show some gratitude, Sears, Roebuck has named one of the house models as “Carlin”. Today, 152 among of the creative 156 homes are still standing, which is known as the biggest single site of Sears Catalog Homes within the United States.

Furthermore, a lot of popular people have originated from Carlinville. Among these people is the ever popular Charles Robertson, who executed the up until now only most rigorous study for flower-visiting insects of the single locality, concluding in the 221-page book that was published in year 1928 entitled “Flowers and Insects”. In addition, among the group of highly recognized Carlinvillians are a number of academics, artists, popularly novelist and nature writer Mary Hunter Austin, who was once recognized by H.G. Wells as “the most intelligent woman in America. A lot of adorned military veterans also originated from the alluring city of Carlinville. This only means that even with such a simple geography, this city will never fail to amaze everyone who visits in.

Discover Carlinville’s Geography and Demographics

Based on 2010’s census, Carlinville holds the total area of 7.8 km­­2 or 3 mi2, all land. This quite a huge land manages to accommodate its complete population, which has reached around 5,685 residents having 1,393 families and 2,125 households, according to 2000’s census, residing within the city. The density of the population was 2,390 residents for every square mile or 922/km2. At the average density of around 962.3 for every square mile or 371.3/km2, there were estimated 2,289 units for housing. The city’s racial makeup was as follows:

  • 0.25 percent Native American
  • 97.01 percent White
  • 1.50 percent African American
  • 0.02 percent Pacific Islander
  • 0.26 percent Asian
  • O.74 percent from two races or more
  • 0.23 percent from some other races
  • Latino or Hispanic of any type of race was 0.76 percent of the total population

There were approximated 2,125 households in the city in which 31.1 percent of these have kids under 18 years of age living together with their parents, 11.3 percent are with a female householder without a present husband, 50.3 percent were married couples who live together, and 34.4 percent were non families. 30.1 percent of the total households were consisting of individuals, while 15.9 percent of them had somebody living alone who was at the age of 65 or more. The average size of household was 2.38, while the average size of the family was 2.96.

Within the alluring city, the population was expansive with 23.4 percent under 18 years old, 12.8 percent between 18 and 24, 25.1 percent between 25 and 44, 19.4 percent between 45 and 64, and 19.4 percent who were at the age of 65 or older. 37 years was the median age. For every one hundred women, there were around 89.7 men. For every one hundred females aging 18 and above, there were around 84.1 males.

The average income for one household within the city is $34,259, while the average income for each family is $39,693. Men have an average income of $35,187 against the $21,286 for women. The city’s per capita income is $16,663, while around 9.0 percent of the total families and 12.5 percent of the total population are under the poverty line which includes 15.3 percent of the ones under the age of 18 and 14.6 percent of the ones aging 65 or more.

Transportation in Carlinville

Visiting the beautiful city of Carlinville will never give you an annoying journey with the several modes of transportations and accessible routes you can find around it. Directly passing through Carlinville, Illinois Route 4 is a good way to choose. You can also use Interstate 55, which is also within 19 km or 12 miles of the city. From Interstate 55 towards the East, Illinois Route 108 is passion through Carlinville towards Kampsville, Illinois in which it traverses the well known Illinois River on the state-operated free ferry. Next to the urbanized road network is the Carlinville Amtrak station, which is directly served by 5 daily trains, providing easy access to St. Louis, Chicago, and Springfield.

Service of freight rail is offered by the Union Pacific Railroad, which is formerly known as the Illinois Central Gulf, Southern Pacific Chicago, Gulf, Ohio and Mobile, Western, Chicago and Missouri – St. Louis Railways.

Geography, trademark and heritage, are some of the best factors you can find in Carlinville, making it a sought after neighborhood among many people. There is no longer a surprise for this though.